Empowerment for Women

Here is a sneak peak from my new book “Inside the BOX-Protecting your Power”.

Chapter 1─What Exactly Is Your BOX?

The Search for the Hole-y Grail

As you have learned through the introduction of this book, the typical way you have always thought about a box will be completely changed in the following chapters. That is why it’s important to define what the difference is, since your box will never be the same once you start reading further. If you think about the general definition of a box─Webster’s dictionary calls it “an enclosing, protective case or housing, sometimes including the contents” ─it seems pretty straightforward. In this book, however, the word box takes on a similar yet very different meaning. Sure, it’s definitely an enclosure of sorts, but for the purpose of this book, it is “the vessel that houses your female power and energy and encases your unique talents and abilities in a place of influence, worthy of protection. Therefore, a box now becomes your Box. What you will come to learn is that your Box is capable of amazing things, some of which you may be aware of and some that may surprise you, because it is at the core of your very being─a living, breathing microcosm of all the people, places, experiences, likes, dislikes, values, needs, wants, secrets, and passions that make up your true self and that ultimately makes up the awesomeness of you! Just like your fingerprint, no one has a Box quite like yours because yours is unique, filled with everything you’ve ever put in there, both good and bad, up to this point in your life. Your Box is capable of magical things, such as bringing men (and women and children) to their knees, bringing you earth-shattering pleasure, and shaking up the status quo whenever you walk into a room! Your Box is your power!



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